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Cultural Roots in the Heart of England Road Trip
The Highlights:
  • Robert Frost & Rupert Brooke – Dymock Poets
  • John Singer Sargent & Broadway
  • TS Eliot & Cotswolds
  • Edward Elgar & Malvern Hills
  • Edward Winslow’s Mayflower Worcestershire
Self-Drive Road Trip

You’re guaranteed to find inspiration with this multi-experience road trip that will take you through a cultural, musical and literary encounter, uncovering American cultural roots, deep in the quintessential English countryside.


Uncover a short, celebrated period of time that the prominent poet, Robert Frost became part of the Dymock Poets – a beautiful little village in the heart of rural Gloucestershire.


Discover John Singer Sargent’s connections with Broadway. A celebrated American artist known for his exquisite portraits and evocative paintings, he became part of the community in the Cotswolds.


T.S. Eliot, the esteemed poet and playwright, had a deep connection to England, where he settled, became a British citizen, and produced influential literary works that reflected his profound engagement with British culture and society. Discover the locations that inspired Eliot.


Explore the inspirational surroundings enjoyed by Edward Elgar, the renowned English composer. Well-loved in America as the composer of the "graduation march", a piece of music widely used in graduation ceremonies across the United States.


Visit Edward Winslow’s Worcestershire. A prominent figure among the Pilgrims, Winslow was integral in establishing Plymouth Colony and fostering early diplomatic relations between the Pilgrims and Native Americans, playing a significant role in the initial settlement and governance of America.


This self-drive road trip will also take you through the history that made its mark on the landscape you will travel through.


You will journey through the rolling countryside of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, beyond the beautiful Malvern Hills and into the Cotswolds – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Here you can admire golden-coloured market towns and villages and visit stately houses and gardens.


On this route, you will see significant black-and-white buildings from centuries past and learn about the stories they hide, including the marks that the Civil War left behind. Discover world-famous and iconic brands on this epic trip and be sure of many picture-perfect stops along the way. There’s sure to be lots to interest the discerning history and culture buffs on this road trip.


Crafted with care yet adaptable, these themed itineraries offer:


  • Detailed travel guides featuring destination insights, narratives, activities, parking spots, dining options, and more.

  • Interactive maps pinpointing viewpoints, attractions, hidden gems, wild swim spots, and on-screen locations.

  • Comprehensive listings for campsites, motorhome stops, hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and lodges.

  • Access an online road trip plan, complete with recommended routes and practical maps, to support your journey.

  • Enjoy a full year of access on two devices, ensuring planning convenience both at home and on the go.

  • This is a 70-mile linear road trip with a drive time of around 3 hours.

Tour Duration

3-14 days – route dependent / fully-flexible

£3. 99 for 12 months of access, 2 devices
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