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A Taste of My Sandwich  - Quaint and Quirky Medieval Town in Kent
The Highlights:
  • Walk around the old town walls – Churchyards and peaceful riverside
  • What’s in a name? – from sandbanks to cheese and pickle!
  • Explore cobbled streets and secret passages with timber-framed houses galore
  • Hear of Pilgrims, Revolutionaries, Migrants and ‘Strangers’

The Guided Tour
A warm welcome to Sandwich which has welcomed Kings and Queens, Archbishops, and Merchants, Migrants and settlers since the earliest of times. You will learn of our battle with the fickle sea, and how we have re-invented ourselves many times.
We hear of Queen Elizabeth 1’s important visit, and how our Sandwich ancestors determined to wine and dine her at great expense (with a hidden agenda) Some visitors were not so welcome, and you will also hear how ancestors fought the Battle of Sandwich in 1217 (and how this has resulted in one of the oldest commemorative ceremonies in England, and it all involves biscuits)!
Other ‘visitors’ arriving in 1457 were most unwelcome and account for the reason why the Mayor of Sandwich always wears black. We warmly welcomed Dutch and Flemish migrants in the 16th century and their influence is seen throughout our town walk. We also welcomed Jewish refugees in WW2, and we thank them for introducing some continental café life, and very good coffee to the town.
We wander through churchyards and secret passages to the quayside and back to the historic centre of Sandwich via (arguably) the longest row of timber-framed houses to be found anywhere in England.
Tour Duration
1.5 hours
Max. 15 group size
Delivered By
Yvonne Leach, Creativity Travel Ltd
Yvonne is a local, professional Blue Badge Tourist Guide offering unique and off-beat guided tours throughout Kent and South East England where Sandwich is located.
Telephone: +44 (0)7939 521228  
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