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Gorgeous Georgians and Regency Rakes
The Highlights:
  • Egyptian House – a rare example of Egyptian architecture inspired by Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt
  • An early pioneer of inoculation and a Baron of all the Russia’s
  • Queen Victoria’s drawing master and an artist who painted the first landscapes of Australia
  • Tales from the gaol and the “Flying Highwayman”
The Guided Tour
This tour takes in a host of colourful characters from Hertford’s past – some were gorgeous but others were anything but. 
At the site of the gaol we will meet notorious highwaymen and at Shire Hall we learn about a sensational murder trial that captured the nation’s attention.  And amongst all the Georgians we have a Jacobite who was sent to the Tower of London.  Art, literature and scientific endeavour feature too. 
At St Andrew’s church we will meet an early pioneer of inoculation against small pox, who travelled to Russia to inoculate the Imperial family.  We can eavesdrop on the local gossip thanks to the diary of the “Hertfordshire Pepys”. And was Hertford the fictional Meryton in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”? If so, we will see where Mr Darcy refused to dance with Elizabeth Bennett.
All this set against the backdrop of a town that saw some new elegant houses built. As well as the unusual Egyptian House inspired by the conquest of Egypt by Napoleon.
Tour Duration
2 hours
£10 per person
Min. 2 and Max. 24 group size
Delivered By
Elizabeth Eastwood MITG Herts Best Tours
Local Blue Badge Tourist Guide with expert knowledge of Hertfordshire.
Telephone: 07746031596
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