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WIN your own genealogy journey

We're offering you the chance to trace your ancestry with our partners AncestryProGenealogist.


Each week in June we'll select 2 winners to receive a DNA Kit, giving you the opportunity to trace your ancestors journey throughout time and discover your unique story by building your family tree. An AncestryDNA® test will reveal more about your ethnicity and map out regions of where you are from.

Ancestry maintains billions of historical records online and Ancestry members have created more than 100 million family trees, some of which are public and may contain information about your ancestors. So there’s a lot to potentially discover in searching for family stories in Ancestry’s records.

You will receive one AncestryDNA® test and will have to sign up to to activate.

WIN a DNA Kit and one hour consultation with an expert AncestryProGenealogist

All entrants will also be entered into a prize draw to win an AncestryDNA kit and a one hour consultation with an expert AncestryProGenealogist. Once your test results are ready, we will schedule a 30-60 minute conversation with you over Zoom to walk you through your results. We can answer any of your questions and we can talk about how your ethnicity results relate to heritage travel.

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